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What People are Saying About "The Galley Chef"

KIAL News Channel 8

“First and foremost... I am blown away.  The Galley Chef has tremendous benefit and value to not only the industry, but to those individuals that take their occupation as a Galley Chef seriously. The industry is in need of cooks, and any tools that we can provide those individuals that are interested in this occupation are of tremendous benefit. Thank you for providing all of the necessary tools within this book and keeping Health, Safety and the Environment as its primary focus; you nailed this one! The Galley Chef should be placed on every workboat."

Gregg Trunnell - Director, Pacific Maritime Institute

“This Book helped me through a very stressful first week and with the quality of meals that I was able to prepare, it made for a very happy crew.”

Curtis Garrison, Cook/Deckhand

“ I browsed through the cookbook tonight, and there are some great ideas/information. The recipes also provide substitutes (for those with allergies, etc), cooking ideas, enhance by a pinch of this and pinch of that, and great serving suggestions… this is a great opportunity to eat well & live happy by ordering!"

Janice Loresa Krukoff, resident Dutch Harbor, AK




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